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Carter automates goal tracking, generates operation alerts, and assists in querying and recording information using natural language conversations.

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With Carter, sales teams have an assistant that provides them with the information they need to achieve better results.

Time Optimization

Free the sales team from administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time selling and less time managing.

Increase in Productivity

Provides tools for more effective opportunity management, resulting in increased conversions.

Data-driven Decisions

Provide your sales team with valuable information and real-time analysis, improving decision-making.


Goal tracking

Upload your team's business goals; Carter takes care of notifying goal achievements, facilitating the recording of new sales, and reporting the overall status of compliance.

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Assistance with

Task prioritization

Automatic monitoring of opportunities and updates on matters such as portfolio, business, procedures, among others.

Inquire information

By asking in a chat.

Carter allows users to inquire information (such as sales data, performance metrics, or portfolio levels) by simply typing the question in a chat on WhatsApp, Slack, or Teams.

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Data registry

Record data in the system simply by asking or telling the system in natural language. All integrated into your ERP or CRM.

The help is always


Carter works in the applications your team already has and knows how to use, such as WhatsApp, Slack, or Teams.


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The future platform for team management, with artificial intelligence agents to support key teams within organizations.

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Discover how DataPeers can help you achieve outstanding results with AI agents trained to support your teams.

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